Recover Unsaved Changes & Murmur Love

Posted by Melissa

22 May 2014

Recover Unsaved Changes

Browser crash on you? Session timeout? Navigate to another tab, card, or page…and lose all your changes?!? Yes, we’ve been there before, too. But no longer! Now Mingle knows when you have unsaved changes and asks if you want to recover them.

Recover changes

A quick note: Mingle can only recover changes from a single browser. So if, let’s say, Chrome crashes and you reopen Mingle with Firefox, your changes will be lost. If, however, you reopen your session in Chrome, you’re safe. And remember, while we now recover unsaved changes, make sure to save them to keep them for good :)

Murmur Love

Murmurs are Mingle’s way for your team to communicate, from team lunches to specific card commits. Needless to say, they’re super important. To make sure everyone on your team is in the know and up-to-date, we’ve made the following improvements:

Murmur email notification
Autocomplete teammate
Autocomplete team
Autocomplete group

Much more soon, so keep your eyes open. And let us know what you think! We’re always looking for ways to make Mingle better for you.

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