Navigation and UI Improvements

Posted by Ethan Teng

15 May 2014

Quickly switch between projects

We know many of you contribute to multiple projects (busy, busy!). To help give you back a little time in your day, we’ve made it much easier to navigate back and forth between projects, and even type-ahead to quickly go to a specific project.

Project dropdown

Better default avatars

For those of you who are shy and haven’t selected your own avatar, your default avatar is now the first initial of your name. Of course, we still encourage you to set your avatar in your Mingle profile, or create a Gravatar account. (We will display the Gravatar associated with the email address in your Mingle profile.)

New avatars

Pick a color with 1-click

You can pick a color for pretty much anything in Mingle, from types of cards to the values of a card property.

Now, we’ve made it much easier to choose! Just click the color that you want out of the (much nicer) color palette we’ve provided.

Color selector

The card wall looks even more like a card wall

We’re still evolving and improving the look and feel of your card wall. We’ve now added more contrast and definition to the card wall through shading and streamlining (or removing) other visual elements.

Card wall

Tell us what you think!

We love feedback. Or, better yet, sign up to be a beta tester of the new stuff we’re working on. Just tweet us at @thatsmingle or drop us an email at

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