With Mingle the Possibilities are Endless

Posted by Melissa

7 May 2014

I was in my apartment last night, unpacking, thinking what I might do for my team’s hack day. As a Business Analyst (BA), it’s not like I can whip up a quick new feature or plugin, so I began thinking about the road that lies ahead for our team: bringing simple back. Ethan, our Product Manager, had identified five themes for us to pursue as small, self-organizing pods. He challenged us to work differently and not feel compelled to follow our traditional approach of breaking down and tracking work with agile stories. What could I hack to help us venture down this road?

Mingle’s flexibility gives you freedom to ideate and shape your work

As a BA, I’m inclined to give at least a little form and structure to such an organic flow so the team can make sense of what it’s doing as a whole and see where valuable overlaps might exist. Then it came to me: I’ll spin up a wall to lay out the five themes so we can begin capturing ideas to pursue them.


And that’s when it hit me: Mingle allows you to be creative. Plain and simple. It enables and supports creativity in terms of tracking and organizing your work. Its super power — flexibility — gives you a blank canvas upon which to ideate and shape your work, be it actual work in progress or envisioning artifacts that will give life to your idea.

With Mingle, I know I can bend and fold, mix and match any way I can think of. Without bounds or limits on what I know I can do, my creativity is fueled even further. My ideas aren’t stunted by the constraints or rigid configuration of a tool. They are supported by Mingle, such that I can capture and share them in a meaningful way with my team.

Building software is about creating and delivering something great

Let’s face it: product development and project management are not about just keeping things on track, though that is hugely important. They’re about creating and delivering something great. Does your tool help you do that? Mine does. And lucky me, I get to develop it even further, using it to help hone and push my own creativity and that of my team.

How does Mingle help you be creative?

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