Mingle now supports Single-Sign-On via Okta

Posted by Melissa

24 April 2014

Mingle now supports Single-Sign-On (SSO) via Okta, a leading SSO provider.* You can add Mingle as an application to your Okta account via the Okta Application Network (OAN) following these directions. (We recommend you test this on your Okta preview account before adding it to your production Okta account.)

Please keep the following in mind

  1. Granting access via Okta to users who currently do not exist on your Mingle site will automatically create a new user the first time they access Mingle via Okta. If, however, you are only granting access to users who currently exist on your Mingle site, no new users will be created.
  1. Please make sure your users’ Okta sign-in name matches their Mingle sign-in name. If not, a new user will be created and you’ll have to change their Mingle privileges so they can access projects accordingly.

Please reach out to support@thoughtworks.com if you have any questions or concerns about adding Mingle to your organization’s Okta account.

*For the time being, we have no immediate plans to support SSO via other SSO providers. However, this may change if we learn our customers are using other SSO providers. Please let us know if use another SSO provider.

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