Posted by Melissa

18 April 2014

As you may know, Mingle in the cloud currently doesn’t support SCM integration. However, we understand a team’s check-ins are hugely important, for a variety of reasons. From understanding what code was checked in to fix a bug or to locate code that broke the build, check-ins are the lifeblood of any software dev team.

While we don’t yet support SCM integration on Mingle in the cloud, we have built something to help make your lives a little easier in the meantime: a cool little tool, which we recently pushed to production: our fond friend, Clippy. You can find Clippy next to the card title on the card-pop up or full view.


Easily Copy and Paste Card Details to Your SCM Repo

The Mingle team uses Git as its repo and Mingle (surprise, surprise) as its project management tool to support Mingle development. Yes, it’s very meta and self-reflexive, we know, but it’s an invaluable source for testing of all sorts :)

In most repos, including Git, the typical way to find a check-in is through the commit message. By including the card number and user in the commit message, we can leverage the commit message to connect the check-in back to Mingle.

How does Clippy make this connection easier? Well, without Clippy, we have to go to the card we’re making a commit for and manually copy the number and title. Now, just by clicking Clippy, we copy not only the card number and title, but also the project the card belongs to. With a simple paste to start our commit message, we’re set. Now, with any git GUI, we can easily search for and find all checkins related to any card, be it a story card, bug card or task card so we can map what’s happening with our cards to what’s happening with our code.

How will you use Clippy? We’d love to hear, so share your story :)

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