Highlights of our upcoming 14.1 release

Posted by Ethan Teng

3 April 2014

We’ve been busy these past several months making Mingle even better!

If you use Mingle in the cloud, you’re already taking advantage of all these improvements. For our onsite customers, we will be bundling the awesome features (and some bug/performance fixes) into our first installer release of 2014: Mingle 14.1.

We will be posting the installers very soon. In the meantime, here are some highlights of what’s coming in Mingle 14.1.

A fresh new look

Mingle has gotten a significant (and much needed) facelift in 14.1. We lightened up the colors and flattened the UI. This is not just an aesthetic improvement; it’s an important step in our focus on making Mingle easier to use.

Blue mingle


Your smiling faces are on your card wall now! This new feature allows you and your team to easily see who’s working on what.

By default, we will use your Gravatar image, but you have all the freedom to change it to a cooler one via your Mingle profile page. N.B. (Gravatar integration is not supported for customers hosting Mingle onsite.)

Read more about how to show avatars on your card wall.


Full card preview & edit without leaving the card wall

Mingle now allows you to click any card on your wall to immediately see its entire contents. And, even better, you can double-click anywhere in the card title or body to start editing. Read more about full card preview and edit.

Inplace editing

These are just a few select highlights from our upcoming 14.1 release for onsite customers. We’ll share another post with all that’s included once the installers are ready (soon). In the meantime, tweet us at @thatsmingle if you have any questions or feedback.

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