Mingle is better together! Invite your team by email

Posted by Leo Kwong

18 March 2014

It used to be pretty complicated to add people to your Mingle site or project. It was buried in the “admin” recesses of Mingle. For those of you who figured it out, you deserve a prize!

But, this is contradictory to what Mingle is meant for: to encourage and facilitate collaboration. And, as the saying goes, there’s no “I” in “team”. So, we’ve made it much easier to add your team members to your Mingle site and projects.

Invite by email

Just click “Invite” and type in their email address. If they don’t already have an account on your Mingle site, one will automatically be created for them. Then, they’ll get an email like the one below, minus the redaction ;).

Mingle invitation

All they have to do now is accept the invitation and set their password.

Self-organizing teams, FTW!

Go forth, invite your team members, and build something amazing.

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