Now available... Mingle Card Opener extension

Posted by Melissa Doerken

22 January 2014

Mingle Card Opener makes it easy to open up a Mingle card from anywhere in Chrome, either in a new or current tab.


When you’re reading your mail, docs or just busy surfing the Internet, getting to a Mingle card can involve a few clicks.

The Mingle Card Opener extension allows you to save the location of your cards to your Chrome sync account and lets you quickly access them from any tab. There’s also a shortcut straight to your card wall!

Once you’ve installed the extension, click the “Settings” button to add your project URL, then simply click the icon, type in the card number, and press enter or the view button to open the specified card in a new tab.

To set up your own shortcut to opening the extension, click “Configure commands” on the Chrome extensions page and set up a shortcut (e.g. command + m) for the Mingle Card Opener extension.

Install the Mingle Card Opener now! Also available on github… feel free to contribute!

Love it, hate it, or have your own extension? *Tweet us @thatsmingle #tw_mingle and build your own extension and share it in our forum (it’s easy with Mingle’s API :)

Happy Mingle-ing
—The Mingle Team

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