Mingle + Slack

Mingle on your Slack channel

Manage your project directly from Slack

With Mingle + Slack, important tasks never get dropped. Create a Mingle card directly in your Slack channel. The Mingle bot automatically organizes the card on your team board. Assign tasks to team members or sign up for work yourself right from Slack. Less app and context switching = more work gets done!

Manage project from Slack

Organize your important Slack conversations

Murmurs from Slack

Collaboration on Slack can quickly snowball into a long list on unread notifications. Worried about missing important comments about your task? Mingle can help! Post comments onto a task from Slack using the Murmurs command. You can also mark your colleagues or the whole team on these murmurs, if you need their attention on a task.

Slack for convos, Mingle for project management

While the Mingle + Slack integration helps your team focus on their work, Mingle’s powerful project management engine has more advanced functionalities for you, including a fully customizable team board to model your workflow, various reports to visualize project progress, Macros and MQL (Mingle Query Language) for customized and automated measurement and many more.

Mingle project management

Mingle + Slack = Collaboration Made Easier!