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What are murmurs?

Murmurs are Mingle’s way for your team to communicate in your project, from team lunches to specific card commits and sign-off issues. Needless to say, they’re super important. Murmurs are also grouped when one or more people have replied making it easier to follow conversations. You can drill down into the specific conversation by clicking on the chat bubble icon. Just go to the murmurs tab to see what your team has been sharing and to murmur yourself!

Murmurs in use

Murmuring @someone, @team, @groups and murmur email notifications
  • Email notifications when you murmur @someone, @team, and @groups: Now you get an email when you’re murmured at so you don’t miss a beat. Just @ the team member you’re murmuring with and they’ll get an email. Whether outside the office or simply not in Mingle at the moment, these notifications help make sure you don’t miss what’s going on with your team.
  • Autocomplete @teammate: To help you murmur with your team, Mingle will autocomplete the name of the team member you’re murmuring at, saving you time and making sure there are no typos :) Just select the name you’re looking for as soon as it appears and you’re set. They’ll receive an email as soon as you’ve murmured your message.
  • @team and @group: Sometimes you need to talk with your entire team or specific groups in your project (devs or QAs, for example). So we’ve made team a default group you can murmur to. When you murmur @team, everyone on your team receives an email. And if you’ve defined groups in your project, Mingle will automatically know so you can murmur a specific message to a single group, let’s say @devs…and everyone in your dev group will know!
Murmurs card links

You can murmur links to other cards and pages Mingle. These card links work by using the existing project card keywords, such as #card_number for a specific card.

In addition to providing links to other cards and pages, murmurs associated with a card are also displayed on the card in the Murmurs section of the card. To associate a murmur with a card either murmur from a card or include a link to that card in the content of you murmur.

Card comments and Murmurs

Card links in Mingle will display a tooltip to show you the name of the card when you hover your mouse over the card links. This allows users to better understand the context of any content (murmurs or card descriptions) which contain the card links.

Card comments and Murmurs