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Welcome to Mingle


Mingle is an Agile project management application from ThoughtWorks Studios for teams that need to make real-time decisions using real-time data. Mingle provides project intelligence and supports all team activity.


A 4:30 demonstration of All Things Mingle.

Quick links

Want help fast? Try out these quick links to get you up and running in no time.

Getting started

Start collaborating in Mingle now. Here's how:

  • Quick project setup - We know you probably don't like to read thick manuals so if you read nothing else this section is for you
  • Creating projects - Before you can use Mingle you need to create your project. Learn what is needed here
  • Creating users - Learn how to register users for use in Mingle
  • Customizing projects - If you're responsible for setting up and managing a project this section is for you
Using Mingle

Once your Mingle projects have been set-up and you're ready to work, read these sections to find out how to use Mingle.

  • Using Mingle - Once a project is up and running this section takes you through Mingle's features
  • Getting around in Mingle - Find out how to navigate and get to the information you want
  • Working with cards - They are the foundation of all Mingle projects. Look here to learn how to work with cards
  • Working with pages - Create pages and report on projects by reading the Mingle help
  • Working with card trees - Take a look here to find out more about creating and using card trees
See Mingle in use

Watch how-to videos of Mingle on the ThoughtWorks Studios website.

Mingle Onsite

If you're not using Mingle in the cloud and need to install Mingle onsite, this section is for you.

Starting with Mingle 3.0 MySQL will no longer be supported. All existing MySQL users will need to migrate their data to Postgres or Oracle before upgrading to Mingle versions later than Mingle 3.0.

Need more help?

There are a variety of different ways to get help and information about administering and using Mingle:

  • Explore Mingle - use Mingle's "Explore Mingle" pages to guide you to help about Mingle's capabilities and features
  • Search Mingle help - use Mingle's online help search to find the specific help pages you need
  • Contextual help - use Mingle's inline contextual help to learn more about the view or admin page you're using
  • Contact Support - contact the ThoughtWorks Studios Support team for expert product advice and support
  • Mingle Community - get access to the knowledge and help of the larger Mingle community at the ThoughtWorks Studios Community
  • How-to videos - watch step-by-step how-to videos of Mingle's various capabilities on the ThoughtWorks Studios website