Team-centric approach to scaling agile

Enables enterprises to scale agility without reducing team autonomy.

Manage Cross-Team Dependencies with Ease

Manage dependencies through peer-to-peer dialogue, while giving management end-to-end visibility.

Mingle allows your teams to raise, accept and resolve cross-team dependencies within their day-to-day workflow. Mingle also provides you with a clear visualization of dependency status and progress inside the daily workspace with simple, color-coded indicators.

Mingle provides program managers one central place to monitor the progress of existing program-wide dependencies, as well as forecast and mitigate risks at the higher level. You can also filter and sort program-wide dependencies based on different criteria to facilitate planning.

Integrating Agile at the Program level.

Real-time progress reports that allow proactive planning for timeline changes.

Mingle’s program planning feature gives program managers the ability to visualize a program's timeline and objectives. Once a program's plan and objectives have been created, program managers can easily check on the plan's progress, adjust their plan as necessary, or give extra support to teams that need it.

Transitioning Teams to Agile

See teams working how they want, with no pre-set process.

The key to scaling Agile is flexibility: ensuring teams can use the version of Agile they’re comfortable with and can incorporate into their current processes. Mingle has flexible work templates for Kanban, Scrum, Agile, and anything in between. Your teams can use the card wall to see a task’s owner and status; they can also see anyone who is currently viewing a specific card, so teammates can easily collaborate with whomever is working on that particular task at the time.

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