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Posted by Shilpa G

10 July 2018

Over the twelve years that Mingle has been in development, we’ve built in some handy little features to make your project management experience more delightful. Here is a handful of them that can make you a power user!

Display an image on the face of a card

Want some cards on your team’s wall to pop out? Mingle allows you to attach images to the face of a card. Attach an image to the card, and then use the name of the attachment in the card title in the format “! image-name.png !” and save it. Voila! The image will now appear on the card on your grid!

Display the image on face of card

Quick navigation from current project to another

Navigate to another project from your current project using the projects drop-down located next to the project title on the header.

Project navigation

Quick header links

For quick access to actions you often carry out, Mingle enables you to add custom header actions by creating a page called Special:HeaderActions. Add a URL link on this page to create a new card based on card types in your project. For example, to create a link called Story for card type Story in your project, type in “+Story” and link it to this URL:


Header links

Read more about Special Headers.

Custom card number sequence

Do you want card numbers to start from 100 or 1000 or another number? You can do it! Create a new card using the Import from Excel feature. When you’re ready to import, add the starting number, say #1000, in the Number column. After the import, a new card created of that type will have the next number, #1001.

Custom card sequence

However, do note that specifying an existing card number may update that card instead of creating a new card.

In-built properties of a card

Every card has in-built card properties i.e. created_on and modified_on which capture the created date and latest modified date respectively. These properties can be used in charts, tables and advanced filters.

Card's built in properties

Request membership to any project

Admins can set a project to be visible in the project list to everyone. When this option is set, users who are not members of the project will see the project listed on the Projects page and can request access to the project. Project admins for that project will be notified of the request for access via email. Checking and unchecking “Allow logged in users to request membership to this project” option under project settings page will enable or disable this feature as needed.

Request membership

Creating a page

There are two ways to create a new wiki page:

1. Create it on another page or card by typing “[[new_page_name]]” in the edit view. When you save the card or page, you’ll see a new link for the page.
Create a page on edit view of page or card

2. You can also create a page by typing a new URL directly into your browser’s address bar “https://yourcompany.mingle.thoughtworks.com/projects/your_project/wiki/new_page_name”

Read more about Pages.

Linking between pages and cards within the project

1. Links to pages can be created in cards and other pages by typing the page name enclosed in double square brackets.


2. You can also link to specific cards from within both cards and pages by typing in the card number prefixed by a card keyword. # is the default card keyword. You can set up another card prefix from Project admin > Cards > Card Keywords


Read more about card keywords.

Linking between pages and cards across projects

1. Link to a page: To link from a card or page in your Mingle project to a page in another Mingle project, use the project identifier before the page name.


2. Link to a card: To link from a card or page in your Mingle project to a card in another Mingle project, use the project identifier before the card number prefixed by by a card keyword.

Mingle Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Who doesn’t love a handy keyboard shortcut? Mingle has several! (Ctrl in windows) + / opens the Mingle keyboard shortcuts for your reference.
Mingle keyboard shortcuts

2. To access options to edit a table, put the cursor on the table. (Ctrl in windows) + right-click opens table editing options.
Table edit options

Rename lane property value

Mingle allows project admins to edit swimlane names when grid columns are grouped by a managed text property. Hovering over the swimlane name displays an edit icon to change the name. However, updating this will change the value of that property wherever it is used in the project.
Rename lane property value

Edit lane property value

Edit lane property value

Working with tags

Tags are a flexible and ad-hoc way to label, flag, categorize and group cards and pages.

1. Mingle allows users to add and remove tags on multiple cards from the list view. Selecting any cards enables the Tag button. Clicking on it opens the Tag field. Type and add the tag name(s), separating distinct tag names with commas. If tags already exist for the project, Mingle displays suggestions as you type.

Bulk edit of tags on the card's list view

2. Add or remove tags from single card or page by clicking on + icon next to the tag symbol.

Add tag to a card

Add tag to a card

Add tag to a page

Add tag to a page

3. Clicking on the tag opens a color picker. Pick a color to color your tags.

Read more about Tags.

There’s plenty more tips and tricks that you can try out on Mingle. Check them out on our Mingle Tips and Tricks page.

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