New revenue streams
New revenue streams

Visa Subramaniam, Global Head of Retail, and Kevin Flynn, Director of Retail Strategy, look at evolving business models, and ways for organisations to invent new revenue streams.

Evolving business models

Visa Subramaniam - Global Head of Retail, ThoughtWorks UK

Kevin Flynn - Director of Retail Strategy, ThoughtWorks UK

The Smart Economy

How emerging technology is opening doors for new operating models.

The Circular & Sustainable Economy

An increasing emphasis on reducing waste in the food industry.

The Sharing Economy

Using tech as an enabler for social interaction in retail.

The Platform Economy

Making the most of global giants' platforms for new revenue streams.

The Art of Modern Retail

Discover how ThoughtWorks helps old and new retail brands capture opportunities through technology.

Tips for creating new revenue streams

Food Retail in 2030

This new report highlights how supermarkets must change their business model and technology strategies if they are to enjoy the dominance they have enjoyed over the past 20 years.

Food as a Service