For many years, organisations have been on a journey with digital, but for some, the results haven’t lived up to the effort or investment made. Given that the phrase “digital transformation” was first used in 1968, it is concerning that studies still indicate a high failure rate when it comes to implementation. Today, there are valuable lessons to be learned in order to move from vision to

At this event, leaders from some of Australia’s most well-known organisations shared how they have created change in their organisations to build modern digital businesses.


Creating the Future of Airline Travel Through Digital Transformation

Nandor Locher, Head of Digital Direct, Qantas

As one of Australia’s most well-known and trusted brands, Qantas is on a journey to evolve from a traditional airline into a digital business. But how does an almost 100-year-old company continue to adapt and thrive in a world where consumer expectations are driven by “best in class” digital experiences? Nandor will share how Qantas has begun to transform their digital experiences across all touchpoints along the customer journey.

Taking Digital Mindsets Across the Enterprise

Fiona Phillips, Principal Consultant, Thoughtworks

The modern digital era demands a more responsive and insight driven approach to the way we run our business, with technology becoming more and more at the heart of value creation. It requires technology and business leaders to let go of their job titles and bring their domain expertise together to remain relevant in today's complex adaptive system.
Very few people come ready with the complete package required for digital transformation, so how do you develop the right skills and mindset to develop digital leadership within yourself and across your teams?

Building a Culture of Resilience in a Digital World

Nigel Dalton, Chief Inventor, REA Group

At REA, implementing change or seeking innovation or invention is not viewed as a one-time ‘transformation project’. In this environment, individuals and teams can unleash their energy and creativity to solve problems for customers. The cycle of continuous improvement delivers new insights back to management, sometimes prompting the fundamentals - such as strategy or structure - to be revisited. Nigel will share the lessons learned in developing the model that has allowed REA to adapt and thrive in today’s digital marketplace.

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