China:Account Operation Lead(北美业务线)

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China:Account Operation Lead(北美业务线)2019-10-08T23:21:00-04:00<p>Responsibilities:</p> <ul> <li>Set up processes to manage revenue tracking.</li> <li>Collaborate with Delivery Principals to monitor and manage spending on account.</li> <li>Drive discipline with Business Units to maximize our Client Gross Margin on the account by optimizing various routes.</li> <li>Manage value stream for various contracting processes.</li> <li>Manage invoicing, timesheet and expense process.</li> <li>Facilitate two-way transactions between our account leads to send invoices on time and client’s accounts payable to ensure invoices are paid on time.</li> <li>Manage hardware/software asset transfers between ThoughtWorks and the client.</li> <li>Manage the account onboarding and offboarding process of consultants, including accommodation and local transportation for new and international travelers.</li> <li>Manage negotiations / agreements for local transportation / hotels / other accommodation.</li> <li>Organize account and Business Unit level events.Base Qualifications</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Experience with accounts payable/received.</li> <li>Budget planning &amp; tracking for large programs of work.</li> <li>Demonstrated experience in coordinating big operations functions as well as Project/Program management experience.</li> </ul>ThoughtworksWuhanChina