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The future of food: the stomach wars are on

Charles Orton -Jones

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Becoming a Platform-enabled Retailer

Daniel McMahon, Lloyd Shanks, Matt Harris and Natalie Drucker

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Platforms for Growth: Connecting Digital Strategy to Technology

Giles Alexander, Lloyd Shanks and Natalie Drucker

7 Dec 2017

Microservices architecture: flexibility for omni-channel retailers

Frank Pototzki and Marcus Klein

23 Oct 2017

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28 Sep 2017

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Daniel Pallozzi

20 Sep 2017

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6 Sep 2017

How retailers can plug their business into social platforms and master social selling

Apeksha Naurumanchi, Mark Collin and Sanjeev Athreya

2 Aug 2017

Why conversational UI? Why now?

Holden Bale and Neil Redding

5 Jul 2017

Feeding the future: How the food industry is changing

Daniel McMahon and Olivia Leonard

31 May 2017

The Changing Face of Retail: News Series with the BRC and ITN

Mark Collin

12 Mar 2017

EuroShop 2017 - Digitalisierung des Handels

Aileen Pistorius and Frank Pototzki

20 Jan 2017

Advertise Less, Innovate More

Daniel Pallozzi and Robin Copland

9 Dec 2016

What Can Retailers Learn From Hackathons?

Lloyd Shanks

17 Nov 2016

The Modern Retailer's Holy Grail

Daniel McMahon and Justin Grey

10 Oct 2016

5 Key Takeaways from Retail Week Buzz

Mark Collin, Matt Hildon and Ruth Harrison

4 Aug 2016

Q&A: Trends, Technology and the State of Retail

Giles Alexander and Justin Grey

13 Apr 2016

Continuous Loyalty: From Transactions to Interactions

Dianne Inniss, Martin Weisath and Ruth Harrison

30 Mar 2016

ICYMI: 3 Retail Trends from SXSW 2016

Daniel Pallozzi

28 Jan 2016

Part 5: Exploding the World of Retail Opportunity - Preparing for Change

Dan McClure and Dianne Inniss

4 Jan 2016

6 Things Star Wars Can Teach Retailers

Dianne Inniss

30 Dec 2015

The Most Popular Content on Insights 2015

Daniel Pallozzi, Kaifeng Zhang, Prarthana Sridhar and Sarah Howe

18 Dec 2015

How to Weatherproof Your Retail Business

Babs Ryan, Dianne Inniss and Nicole Naviglia