1 Dec 2018

Day in the life of Charlotte Fereday

Charlotte Fereday

19 Apr 2018

Our thoughts on the House of Lords AI Select Committee report on AI

Dave Elliman and Mark Brand

8 Jun 2016

The Amazing Journey of Tramchester, an Award-Winning Mobile App

Suzie Prince

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Moving to the Phoenix Server Pattern Part 3: Evolving a Recovery Strategy

Laura Ionescu

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Feature Leading in Agile Teams

Matt Chamberlain

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Three Common Mistakes of the First Time Tech Lead

Patrick Kua

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Using Google Analytics to Drive a Browser/Device Strategy

Taheerah Atchia

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Moving to the Phoenix Server Pattern - Part 2: Things to Consider

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4 Mar 2015

Are You Truly Cross-functional? Meet, the 'Amigos'!

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CSS: Escape ‘house-of-cards’ with Atomic Templates

Matt Chamberlain

11 Dec 2014

The Digital Mantras

Matt Hildon

9 Oct 2014

XConf Europe - It's All About the Tech

Bettina Kastenhofer

21 Jul 2014

Charity Website Refreshed with Lean UX Approach, Embedded Analytics

Hannah Fitzgerald-Kearns and Kate Logan

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A Night in the Life of the Homeless

Heather Malec

7 Oct 2013

Transforming the Travel and Transport Industry One Graph at a Time

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