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Strategies for effective consortium engagement

Emily Margo and Prashant Gandhi

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Digital reboot for traditional banking

Sandeep Reddy and Sudhir Tiwari

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Becoming a Platform-enabled Retailer

Daniel McMahon, Lloyd Shanks, Matt Harris and Natalie Drucker

22 May 2020

[Stories of social change] Building a good news site during COVID-19

Fernando Fernandes

21 May 2020

COVID-19: Banks recalibrating for the future

Muralikrishnan Puthanveedu and Sandeep Reddy

14 May 2020

Banks confront new customer demands, and the question: When to create or collaborate?

Darren Mason and Ian Kelsall

14 May 2020

Risk-based pricing: Strategies for a new reality in banking

Vic Wolff

13 May 2020

Big Data applied in sales process

Mariane Ferroni

12 May 2020

It is cheaper to fix a mistake before you make it

Sara Michelazzo

6 May 2020

[Stories of social change] Protecting front-line workers during COVID-19 through technology

Armando Collazo

5 May 2020

Value from Volatility: How disruption can power the next phase of growth

Dani Huaman

4 May 2020

Transformation programs have stalled but the need to transform has never been greater

Gary O'Brien and Leigh Saffin

30 Apr 2020

Grape Growing: Applying product-thinking to digital platforms

Aaron Tushabe and Seve Kim

28 Apr 2020

Six areas for insurance companies to ramp up to beat a global crisis

Davnit Singh

20 Apr 2020

Join us for Earth Day Live 2020

AJ Iniguez

16 Apr 2020

Data-driven responses to new patterns of customer behaviour

David Colls and Sue Visic

10 Apr 2020

Engineering culture is a key pillar of modern digital businesses

Gunjan Shukla

7 Apr 2020

Habits of a modern digital business

Sasikala Mahesh

6 Apr 2020

Mastering Digital Transformation: A Case Study (Part 2)

Dr. Martin Kramer and Martin Milcke

1 Apr 2020

ThoughtWorks beyond the tech: Embedding a culture of effective remote working

Faye Roth

31 Mar 2020

NPA tracking enables sustainable banking during global crisis

Anil Kumar Agarwal

30 Mar 2020

Working as one: ThoughtWorks China’s agile approach to COVID-19

AJ Iniguez

24 Mar 2020

Overcoming AI Paralysis: 5 proven ways to start deriving business value

Nagarjun Kandukuru