Turkey Delights: A New Country, Conference and Audience

ThoughtWorks Turkey opened its doors to new business in 2013, with Hepsiburada as our main client in Istanbul.

September 2014 saw ThoughtWorks, Hepsiburada and Scrum Turkey host the first Turkey Summit at the Hilton Hotel Istanbul Bosphorus, giving business leaders and the local tech community an opportunity to interact and hear from thought leaders in the technology world.

Turkey is bursting with new technology companies and it’s not hard to see why. The country is big, youthful and eagerly embracing the Internet, with half of its 75m people under 30.

This thriving energy was evident at the conference with attendance during the two day event at over 500 registrations and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Day one’s crowd heard from ThoughtWorks' Chief Scientist Martin Fowler, and Emre Ekmekci (Hepsiburada), Elif Ozdemir (ThoughtWorks) and Dave Elliman (ThoughtWorks).

Many at the conference remarked on the relevance of the talks in the summit: “Topics were related to our business. Speakers were experts and their presentations were great.”

Day two opened the doors to the wider tech community, with the theme of the day being Continuous Delivery and Design as well as the ongoing project work between ThoughtWorks and Hepsiburada. The audience heard from Martin Fowler and Dave Elliman once more and ThoughtWorkers Isa Goksu, Cengiz Han and Ben Kappler.

“We are beyond thrilled with the opportunity to help innovative clients in the Turkish market with their local and global aspirations. I expect we will have many interesting and challenging opportunities driven by technology awaiting us.” - Jonas Feschuk - General Manager, ThoughtWorks Turkey

Watch the CNN Turkey and Al Jazeera interviews with Martin Fowler and Emre Ekmekci below. (Please note this video footage is in Turkish.)

We were also fortunate to get video blog insights from Dave Elliman, Elif Ozdemir as well as Jade Daubney and Natalie Glick from our Recruitment Team. Watch the Video blog below:

Interested in the presentation slides? View and download on Slideshare. 

Fine-Tuning of Agile Development by Isa Goksu and Cengiz Han
Continuous Delivery & Design by Ben Kappler with Martin Fowler