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GoCD is a critical piece of your infrastructure. We get that.
We are committed to providing world-class support for GoCD users.

GoCD is Open Source. Learn More

Introducing the new GoCD 15.3!


Add-ons for advanced deployments.


GoCD's OSS distribution uses an embedded database. That's great for getting started. But, if you need to scale beyond a few teams and several pipelines, our PostgreSQL add-on gives you the performance upgrade necessary for hundreds of pipelines and agents. We recommend PostgreSQL for critical deployments. Learn More >>

Business Continuity

Hard drives fail. This add-on helps ensure you can deliver even when your machine is down.
With business continuity, you’ll be able to set up secondary GoCD and PostgreSQL servers to protect against downtime. Automatic redirection of build agents and the ability to store artifacts on network drives is included. Learn More >>

Enterprise Plugins

Amazon ECS Elastic Agent Plugin

This Elastic Agent Plugin for Amazon EC2 Container Service gives you the flexibility to autoscale your builds on docker instances running on an ECS cluster. It tailors your use of EC2 instances (with support for Docker containers) specific to your needs, by taking care of creating agents & scheduling builds while monitoring the ECS cluster, allowing you to optimize your utilization and reduce costs. Learn More >>

LDAP/AD Authorization Plugin

The LDAP/AD Authorization Plugin provides both authentication and authorization services for GoCD. Grant relevant access to your teams by leveraging your organizations' predefined roles within LDAP/AD. Manage users and roles centrally (LDAP), while using GoCD to define and maintain application specific role based access. Learn More >>

Here's what you get with all tiers of paid support...

  • Access to our support team
  • Unlimited support cases per month
  • Access to our GoCD development team
  • Notifications for all bug fixes and security patches
  • Notification of all GoCD Help updates and upgrades; installation of patches and upgrades


Number of pipelines


Pricing, per year, USD

1-50 Support only $5,000
51-250 Support + Add-ons & Plugins $15,000
251-500 Support + Add-ons & Plugins $25,000
500+ Support + Add-ons & Plugins Let's Talk

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Continuous delivery is in our DNA *

Well.... not really. Because that would be silly, technically inaccurate and biologically impossible. But you know what we mean!

ThoughtWorks has been a key innovator in continuous delivery and has helped thousands deliver software over the past 20 years. We are proud to continue this tradition with GoCD.

“The essence of my philosophy to software delivery is to build software so that it is always in a state where it could be put into production. We call this Continuous Delivery because we are continuously running a deployment pipeline that tests if this software is in a state to be delivered.”
  — Jez Humble

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