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Infrastructure as code

About the event 

Join our online discussion with Infrastructure veterans Kief Morris, Moritz Heiber and Raquel Guimaraes. Our ThoughtWorks’ subject matter experts will explore best practices and thought-provoking learnings on the state of Infrastructure, testing and workflows for Infrastructure teams. 

Dial-in on September 25th for learnings and discovery that can make a real impact to your daily work. 

Meet our speakers

Kief Morris

Head of Cloud Engineering Practices, ThoughtWorks UK

Kief Morris is cloud practice lead at ThoughtWorks, and the author of Infrastructure as Code. Kief works with organizations to understand how to take advantage of the cloud, infrastructure automation, DevOps, and continuous delivery to become more effective at delivering IT services. Originally from Tennessee, Kief has been based in London since the dot-com days.

Moritz Heiber

DevOps Birth Assistant, ThoughtWorks Germany

Moritz Heiber works as a DevOps Birth Assistant, a shepherd for clients and their hardware and software projects. Moritz consults on infrastructural and operational challenges in distributed computing environments using the power and the values behind the idea of DevOps with the help of focused collaboration, cross-functional teams and pair programming.He sees it as his destiny to help people achieve serenity through using DevOps.

Raquel Guimarães

Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks Spain

Raquel Guimarães works as a Software Engineer, she has a wide technical background on large scale applications. Raquel is eager to learn new things and is always seeking new ways to improve whatever context she is in. Recently, Raquel has been more focused on helping teams with Continuous Integration, application deployment and maintenance automation. She has delved inside the Data and Analytics world and how to understand and process massive amounts of information.


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