Join our Coding Escape Game “Free the Whistleblower” and help ThoughtWorker Alex Riddle to uncover the dark affairs of GRC Inc. In the game you will search, collect and combine the hidden clues with your team in one of our offices.

You simply sign up for the Escape Room including your favorite location. This way you can reserve yourself a seat for the next Escape Room. We will let you know as soon as an appointment for your desired location has been made. Then we will send you a little online coding challenge that you can solve and submit either in Java, JavaScript, Ruby or Python. If you pass it, we will send you the confirmation of registration.


At ThoughtWorks we work in teams on site at the customer. It is important to us that these teams are diverse in all kind of ways. Not only concerning gender, but also regarding other attributes like origin, religious belief or age.

Apply with up to three people as a Diversity Team and safe one of the first spots in the Escape Room for your team!

Here’s a little tip: If you apply as a team, just try to solve the Coding Challenge by programming in pairs. This means you all sit in front of the computer together and give each other feedback while optimizing the code. Trust us, it’s fun :)

Reserve a seat now!