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A true digital city requires citizens, enterprises, governments, start-ups and not for profits, to work together to create new ecosystems of value.

The ThoughtWorks Digital Cities Initiative helps organisations see the possibilities beyond their core business, industry, or geographical borders. Our 'City as a Platform' (CaaP) model helps these organisations come together to create a secure, open data platform that amplifies innovation.

Spotlight on Manchester & Barcelona

From Strategy to Execution

Nearly every major city holds a 2020 Digital City strategy. While we've all seen the perfectly designed simulation of buildings, cars, people, and public transport all centrally connected, hoping to create seamless life for people in congested urban locations, we're still seeing a major disconnect between strategy and execution.

CaaP Model

From our experience of building thriving digital enterprises for the past 25 years, we understand that designing a master plan years in advance is simply not feasible. The ThoughtWorks CaaP model supports the creation of a stack of solutions from multiple sources over time. CaaP means that the city only facilitates the flow of data between parties so it can have an unlimited number of people and organisations create innovative solutions using data.

City as a Platform (CaaP) Model
City as a Platform (CaaP) Model

Making Cities Digital

The UK Government has recently stated the importance to the UK of investing in smart city technologies to ensure that UK cities remain competitive in a global economy and to gain a share of new business opportunities. Check out our work with organisations across the UK that are already contributing their share to this transformation.

Tramchester logo

Tramchester is an award winning mobile app built by ThoughtWorks in 6 weeks. It models Manchester’s tram network using a graph database, and calculates the best route between two tram stations using a path finding algorithm. The technology behind this app means that Tramchester quickly processes data and is ready to face the future of more complex transport demands. logo

We helped GDS (UK’s Government Digital Service) deliver, a single hub for all of UK’s departmental sites. A citizen driven design resulted in 62% increase in weekly visitors, and reduction in yearly operational cost by GBP50 million. Agile methodologies are now used in other departments outside of GDS.

Trusted Partnerships

We believe that collaboration and partnerships build digital cities faster. Get to know our current partners:

Bringing together the great cities, towns and rural communities of the North of England and Wales to become a powerhouse for the UK's economy. 

As Britain’s economic relations with China take on increasing importance, so too does CBBC’s role in helping British companies in China.

A new business-led initiative aimed at increasing Greater Manchester’s commercial connectivity with China.

Wayra helps democratise entrepreneurship opportunities throughout the UK. In collaboration with Wayra, we launched the Intelligent Mobility Accelerator to solve transport challenges in cities.

ThoughtWorks Digital Cities Texture
ThoughtWorks Digital Cities Texture

Ready to Transform Your City?

We've started building the framework for the open digital city platform for the city of Manchester, and we plan to expand the Digital Cities Programme to Barcelona and other key cities in the near future. Whether you are a large enterprise, start-up, government, not for profit or industry body, we're looking for passionate collaborators to make this vision a reality.

The Digital Cities programme is brought to you by ThoughtWorks Ventures.