Johannes Thönes

Devil's Advocate and Developer

I am a software developer and consultant for ThoughtWorks in Hamburg. My experience so far has mainly been with web development - Java, Ruby and lately some JavaScript. My background is in medical informatics, which I studied until 2009.

Besides the technical details of software, I'm also very interested in the team dynamics and the 'health' of a team. I consider retrospectives a vital part of improving the team and our daily work.

I am lucky and young enough to have no experience in waterfall projects.

The Interview

My geeky passion is

trying to share knowledge and make it accessible. I write blogs, make podcasts and speak at events to give people the ability to learn.

The most interesting thing I've learned on the job is

that everyone can contribute to the success of a project. When you have experience, you contribute your expertise. When you are unexperienced, you contribute your outside view - an awesome mix.

With ThoughtWorks, I've visited

India, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. I hope the list will increase over time.