Gillian "Gus" Andrews

Senior Consultant, XD/BA

I have deep background in security and usability, and strive to help people understand how these two fields impact each other. My work on the subject has informed developers and policymakers at the State Department, the EFF, West Point, and beyond.

I'm a passionate promoter of user-centered, evidence-based design as a means for building the right thing the first time around, and ensuring users engage with a product.

My favorite part of working at ThoughtWorks is developing user journeys, which help everyone see the big picture of how users will interact with software. I also love helping clients see that they deserve better software — designs which support their everyday work without a lot of training — and seeing them become advocates for more usable design!

The Interview

My geeky passion is

media and digital literacy. I want everyone around me to understand how the communication systems around them work, whether that means the impact of algorithms on their daily lives, the role of corporations in net neutrality battles, or the origins of "fake news." I think of this kind of knowledge as "herd immunity" for democracy — like making sure everyone has been vaccinated!

I came to find ThoughtWorks by

the company's amazing support of nonprofit and activist work. I was a part of TechnoActivism Third Mondays, which brought people together to work on digital security and rights issues, oftentimes in the ThoughtWorks offices. When it came time to look for my next job, I thought, "hey, those seem like great folks — I wonder what they do!" I was really impressed that the CTO was a woman and that the company had a "we don't hire jerks" policy. And I've found it to be one of the most supportive, inclusive places I've ever worked in tech.