ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy, has been honored with multiple awards in the workplace diversity and inclusion category in recent weeks. The acknowledgments commemorate the company's leadership and women technologists for their contributions to gender inclusion and excellence in technology.

This year, ThoughtWorks won the NASSCOM Corporate Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion under the main category of Gender Inclusion. ThoughtWorks in India was recognized for its integrated approach to recruitment and people policies, and initiatives. The women-in-tech returnee program, Vapasi, was specifically mentioned for its commitment to bridging the gender gap in tech. The summit and awards program, hosted by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), is currently in its 12th year celebrating organizations who are leading in the Diversity and Inclusion space.

"Gender Inclusion has always been a key business prerogative at ThoughtWorks. These awards are particularly meaningful because it is a recognition of our holistic approach to diversity and inclusion by well-respected forums like NASSCOM," said Sameer Soman, Managing Director at ThoughtWorks in India. "The awards are a testament to our proactive and consistent efforts through programs like Vapasi, Interning with Pride, the Mitra Collective, the #TalkTechToHer campaign and more. All these programs are designed to drive positive social change and empower underrepresented communities in tech," he further added.

ThoughtWorks' commitment to diversity and inclusion in tech received a few more accolades this year:

The 2019 Women in Corporate Awards by Women's Web, a media tech company recognized -

  • Tina Vinod, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at ThoughtWorks in India, as a Diversity Champion in the Trailblazer Women in Corporate category
  • Harinee M, Security Practice Lead, as an Innovation Champion in the Luminary Women in Corporate category

HerRising Awards by JobsForHer, a platform that helps women achieve their full potential, was presented to both -

  • Tina Vinod, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at ThoughtWorks in India, for her excellence in Diversity and Inclusion
  • Smitha Hemmigae, Head of Marketing at ThoughtWorks in India, for her excellence in Marketing and Content

ThoughtWorks is honored to be recognized for its ongoing commitment to gender inclusion, including its work to increase the representation of women technologists in the workplace. But the work isn't finished and ThoughtWorks refuses to be complacent.

If interested in joining a community of talented technologists who are shaping the future of tech and are committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce, please visit ThoughtWorks Careers to learn how to make a mark.

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