ThoughtWorks, a global leader in innovative software products and custom application development, today announced the expansion of its operations in the Brazilian market. Among the main actions are opening an office in Sao Paulo, new long-term relationships in Brazil and South America, and intensification of search for the best talent in the country.

ThoughtWorks began operations in Brazil in 2009 delivering its nearshore services in innovative technology to customers in the United States. With offices in Porto Alegre and Recife, the company plans on investing heavily in new relationships with Brazilian and South American companies this year. "In recent years we have had the opportunity to learn the Brazilian market, discover local talent and bring the best professionals for ThoughtWorks family so we could achieve a consistent and sustainable approach to the market," says Amit Kaul, Managing Director of ThoughtWorks Brazil. "We trust the Brazilian economy and the demand for highly specialized services focused on innovation," he adds.

Customers preferred for new relationships "are those that depend critically on technology and innovative ideas to implement aggressive strategies of business" said Marcos Alves, Head of Demand for ThoughtWorks Brazil. "We believe we bring a unique offering to the country and cutting edge premium services," he adds. The company has a strong global presence in verticals such as retail, media, health, education, transport and travel.

ThoughtWorks is recognized worldwide for leading the development of the technology market through the adoption of Agile software development and free software platforms, as well as promoting social and economic transformation in the communities where it operates.

ThoughtWorks recently hired technology expert Luca Bastos, who joined the company with a mission to collaborate in developing and expanding the company's presence in Brazil. Bastos has a long career in software development. He is also a regular speaker at events on agile methods and is very influential in Brazilian technology and open source communities.

"Luca is a pioneer in the technology market, having helped to shape the industry throughout his career. As part of our commitment to lead excellence in software and revolutionize the IT industry, I am very pleased to have Luca as part of our team to add his experience to our vision" said Ronaldo Ferraz, Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks Brazil.

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