LevelUp Now Webinar

Season 3 has ended. Season 4 details will be shared soon

S3 Ep. 5

Burnout is Real & How To

Address It

May 25, 2021 | 6:00pm - 7:30pm AEST

Trainers: Ada Leung & Adam Hope

With the pandemic, remote working and more, it's been a strange and challenging year. We'll give you tips on how to ask and give support to others, how to maintain a better work-life balance and how to WFH.

Season Finale

Q&A With our Careers Advice


June 1, 2021 | 6:00pm - 7:30pm AEST

Panelists: Yi Ting Wong. Other panelists to be confirmed

Meet a diverse group of Thoughtworkers who have each followed a unique career path. They'll talk about their experiences working in tech and share their nuggets of wisdom. Plus, learn about what recruiters look for in candidates and ask your burning job search questions.

LevelUp is run by a group of dedicated Thoughtworks volunteers who believe in giving back to the community.

Meet the team

Ada Leung

Senior Consultant Business Analyst

Ada is a generalist Business Analyst and first transitioned into the tech space in 2018. Since then she’s become a big advocate for cultivating strong collaboration within a cross-functional team. She enjoys having the chance to work on different projects across multiple industries, especially when it involves working through ambiguity.

Lars Mellick

Software Developer

Lars really enjoys the challenge of working in technology and hopes to share his enthusiasm at LevelUp. He’s just lived through this transition to a career in tech, so he knows exactly the combination of stress and excitement you’re feeling!

Mira Kim

Software Developer

As a generalist Developer, Mira has dabbled in various tech stacks and industries. She enjoys jumping into different projects and learning something new - whether it's technology, framework, tools, or different ways of working. 

Eugene Kariba

Senior Software Developer

Eugene's experience in software development spans a wide range of technologies, from mobile to full stack applications and infrastructure. Eugene is passionate about software development excellence.

Andrew Watson

Senior Consultant Developer

Andrew is also a Trainer and general problem solver and has worn many other hats. He's a big believer in learning, and has been bringing his passion and experience to LevelUp since 2016. In his spare time, he'll either be out for a run, or reclined on the couch watching TV or playing video games.

Yi Ting Wong

Graduate Recruiter & Experience Lead

Ting is an experienced recruiter specialising in early Talent. Having commenced her own career as a Graduate she has a strong passion for this space and has been recruiting for Graduate Programs in Australia and the UK, within Financial Services, Government, Construction, Property and now in Technology.

Adam Hope

Lead Consultant

Adam has a breadth and depth of experience and began his career as “web designer’ in the late 90s hand coding HTML and bridging the worlds of software development and visual design. Since then he’s had a range of roles encompassing everything from user testing and prototyping to writing automated test suites.

Theresa Cunnington

Experience Design Lead

Theresa has been designing interfaces since before the internet, around when Windows 95 was shiny and new, and you only had access to 256 colours. She has worked locally and globally in a variety of industries; financial services, utilities, communications, education and government.

John Geddes

Senior Consultant

John has a background in electrical engineering and a passion for all things that run on electricity. He's experienced most aspects of software engineering over his years ranging from deploying automated infrastructure in the cloud to making stylistic touches using SASS on websites.

Archana Khanal

Senior Software Developer

Archana has a background in Commerce and IT. She has experience working in a wide range of industries as part of small focused teams to large delivery projects where she advocates for quality-driven software. Archana is passionate about building team cultures that promote inclusion, collaboration and creativity.

Ivan Donato

Graduate Developer

Ivan is passionate about teaching others and demystifying Tech wherever possible. He recently made the transition from a non-technical background to a career in Tech and is all about encouraging more people to make the jump as well.

Karen Garcia

Software Engineer

Karen is always striving for technical excellence as well as build an equitable future on tech. She loves to read technical and social and economic justice related books and take online courses on these subjects. She is involved in a DevOPS culture, TDD, quality, and good practices environment at ThoughtWorks​ on a daily basis.

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