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ThoughtWorks did an expert review and best practice research to develop six principles to improve your mobile experience. The suggestions focus on functional improvements to the mobile speed and navigation, as well as emotional benefits to build loyalty that lasts. 



Lisa Goldson

Strategic Development, Retail

Patti Purcell

Director of Retail Consulting

Zichuan Xiong

Design Principal, Retail

Cassandra Shum

Mobile Practice Lead, NA

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Everyone says their systems and industry is so confusing and complex and unique but ThoughtWorks proved that it is possible to come in and pick it up. ThoughtWorks can debunk those myths and at the end of the day show you that it's code, logic, and functionality, and with the right skillsets you can understand it.
Christopher SolomonManaging Director, Digital Products, United Airlines


A first-class mobile platform for the world's largest airline (and their partners, too).

Engaging Chinese consumers with an award-winning Engagement Platform.

How a US-based startup is bringing the future of food to life.

Unlocking new revenue streams with a smooth and sharable customer experience.

Launching an award-winning app at peak trading to maximize holiday season sales.

Adidas is going beyond fitness with its new lifestyle app, Adidas All Day. By combining content with behavioral science, the brand hopes the new platform will help women with much more than athletic performance.

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