Senior Demand Operations Analyst 高级内控专员(Finance)

Senior Demand Operations Analyst 高级内控专员(Finance)2021-09-13T22:41:02-04:00<p>地点: 多地(西安,北京,武汉,或上海)</p> <p>岗位职责:</p> <p>1、 与Global Demand Operations Hub和local PMO团队合作,针对中国的Demand Operations内控进行优化和实施;<br>2、 负责梳理业务运作过程,识别及评估风险,设计和测试关键控制点的有效性,编制流程文档及流程图、风险控制矩阵; <br>3、 监督流程的执行情况,评估业务流程现状,参考业界实践提出切实可行的优化改进建议,并推动改进方案的落地实施;<br>4、 负责开展各类内控项目,工作内容包括流程访谈、数据分析、控制测试、底稿编制、问题确认及沟通等; <br>5、 执行跨部门沟通协调工作,与业务负责人沟通协调执行类事项,并主持小型会议; <br>6、 完成上级主管安排的其他临时协助事项。 <br><br>职位要求:</p> <p>1. 本科及以上学历; <br>2. 2年以上四大会计师事务所风险和控制组工作经验或美股上市公司内控部门工作经验;<br>3. 可以使用英文作为工作语言,至少可以用英文读、写;<br>4. 具有良好的职业道德,工作态度和学习能力,高度的自我驱动和结果导向;<br>5. 熟练使用Excel函数等基本功能; <br>6. 具有良好的团队协作能力、自学能力、沟通能力,踏实负责。</p> <p>优先考虑:</p> <p>1. 有CIA、CPA、ACCA等资质证书的; <br>2. 可以在全英文工作环境中沟通和工作的;<br>3. 熟悉SOX compliance内部控制基本规范及相关指引的</p> <p>Role: Demand Operations Hub Analyst</p> <p>Demand Operations Hub Analyst is expected to drive standardized and effective Demand Operation processes and controls, to ensure data consistency and SOX compliance. This generally includes identifying and assessing the risks of current processes, designing mitigation controls and monitoring the implementation of controls. The role requires close collaboration with various departments, including Global Demand Operations team, Project Management team, Finance team, etc.</p> <p><br>Responsibilities:</p> <p>• Improve critical operational processes to ensure data integrity around key transactions lifecycle<br>• Collaborate with Global and Local Demand Operations teams to design and implement key controls and efficient tools regarding Sales Operations processes such as Deal Review, Credit/Risk Assessment, Contract Data Validation, etc.<br>• Partner with local Finance Team to identify the improvement opportunities of the processes related to Order-to-Cash Transaction Cycle<br>• Creatively drive any possible efficiency improvement projects that can benefit the local operations teams, such as creating automated tools and reports.</p> <p>Qualifications:</p> <p>• Bachelor’s Degree in Audit, Accounting, Finance or other business-related field<br>• 1-3 years of professional experience in one or more of the fields below is required: audit, accounting, sales analysis, and operations<br>• Prefer to have 2+year experience in big-4 accounting firm with Audit experience<br>• Has process thinking mentality, creativity and analytical skills<br>• Be organized and have excellent time management and multi-taking skills<br>• Has English written and verbal communication and presentation skills to working level as well as to executive level</p>ThoughtworksXi'anChina