Recruiting Coordinator

Recruiting Coordinator2021-06-11T05:22:40-04:00<p>About ThoughtWorks:</p> <p>ThoughtWorks is a global software consulting firm with a reputation for designing and building solutions to&nbsp;complex business problems. We’re a diverse community of bright and passionate individuals striving to have a&nbsp;positive impact on the world. Our clients are people and organisations with ambitious missions - whether in&nbsp;the commercial, social, or government sectors. They trust us to deliver the disruptive thinking and technology&nbsp;that empowers them to succeed.</p> <p><strong>Who You Are:</strong></p> <ul> <li>We are seeking someone who is highly organized, enjoys connecting with candidates, exudes a positive&nbsp;attitude.</li> <li>You will join our recruiting team and are someone who has excellent attention to detail, strong organization&nbsp;skills, and a love for building teams through an administrative function.</li> <li>You are interested in working in&nbsp;administration or recruitment long-term.This role of a recruiting coordinator will be extensively trained and on-boarded on ThoughtWorks’ recruiting&nbsp;processes and software.</li> </ul> <p><strong>What You’ll Do:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Interview scheduling: partner with our teams to utilize our applicant tracking system (ATS),&nbsp;Greenhouse, to schedule interviews</li> <li>Candidate Communication: communicate with candidates orally and in writing while creating a&nbsp;positive candidate experience for them. This includes providing updates to candidates on their&nbsp;application status.</li> <li>Cross-team communication: develop internal relationships and communicate effectively with&nbsp;hiring managers across our various departments and teams</li> <li>ATS Expert: You will become an expert in our ATS, Greenhouse, and will help ensure hiring&nbsp;teams are utilizing the software properly. This will include fielding employee questions about the ATS.&nbsp;</li> <li>ATS Maintenance: You will ensure the ATS is kept up-to-date properly through routine review of&nbsp;our data</li> <li>Sourcing &amp; Application Review: Support with sourcing &amp; reviewing applications as needed</li> <li>Job Posting: post job postings to external job boards</li> <li>Gather candidate information when ThoughtWorks is ready to make an offer</li> <li>Reporting: pull and analyze recruiting reports with assistance from the greater team</li> <li>Desired Skills and Experience</li> </ul> <p>What You Must Bring:</p> <ul> <li>Incredible attention to detail and organizational skills</li> <li>Strong written and oral communication skills, both with candidates and internally</li> <li>Technical aptitude: you will need to learn our ATS, Greenhouse, and be fluent in using Google</li> </ul> <p>Apps</p> <p>Bonus Points</p> <ul> <li>Prior work experience in recruitment</li> <li>A desire to work in recruitment long-term</li> <li>Previous experience with Applicant Tracking Systems, such as Greenhouse</li> <li>Previous experience with Google Apps, such as Gmail, GSheets, and GDocs</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>#LI-INDIA</p>ThoughtworksGurgaonIndia