Quality Engineer 测试开发工程师(TechOps)

Quality Engineer 测试开发工程师(TechOps)2021-10-18T04:55:31-04:00<div>In this position you will be responsible for understanding and communicating client requirements for successful project delivery.&nbsp;</div> <div><strong>&nbsp;</strong></div> <div><strong>Your responsibilities will also include but not be limited to:</strong></div> <div>* Work on complex, enterprise-transforming business applications</div> <div>* Take responsibility for ensuring that applications fulfill thebusiness requirements</div> <div>* Write, run and assist in automating test scripts</div> <div>* Be part of diverse, high-energy teams focused on full life-cycledevelopment</div> <div>* Use the latest tools and techniques</div> <div>* Continually learn, mentor and grow</div> <div>* Travel towork at client sites, this may include internationaltravel</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div><strong>Qualifications:</strong></div> <div>* 1+ years Experience in testing user interfaces, stress,performance or load testing</div> <div>* Familiar with defect management systems</div> <div>* Exposure to automated testing tools</div> <div>* Strong experience of writing manual test scrips</div> <div>* Exposure to object oriented analysis and design and testing onsystems developed in Java, J2EE, .NET and C++</div> <div>* Participated in full lifecycle development on large projects</div> <div>* Ideally experience of testing on a programme using Agile methods</div> <div>* Fluent in writtenand oral English</div>ThoughtworksWuhanChina