Senior User Experience Designer 用户体验设计师(CX)

Senior User Experience Designer 用户体验设计师(CX)2021-11-02T07:16:49-04:00<div>You are dedicated to simplifying the business and end user goals, and ThoughtWorks is known for providing solutions. Our UX Designers research, discover, and create solutions for business problems through an understanding of the end users.<br> <br> Rather than being boxed-in, our UX Designers are flexible thinkers when it comes to business strategy, design, and problem solving. We possess an innate curiosity for why people do what they do. We use qualitative research, rapid prototyping, and business value analysis in an iterative agile delivery environment.<br> <br> If you want to bridge the gap between business and design, you want to work at ThoughtWorks.<br> <br> <strong>As a UX Designer you’ll get to…</strong></div> <ul><li>Work along side teams of managers, stakeholders, business analysts and developers</li><li>Act as an end user advocate</li><li>Help the client to understand the value of end users to their business</li><li>Mentor and evangelize agile and lean design principles</li><li>Work in an informal, collaborative, transparent, ego-free culture where your talent is valued over your title</li><li>Develop your career outside of the confines of a traditional career path by focusing on what you’re passionate about instead of a predetermined, one-size-fits-all plan</li><li>Make a real impact outside of work by leading and/or contributing to communities within ThoughtWorks</li><li>Freely voice your ideas and views as part of continuous open and passionate debate on the merits of guerrilla testing to global human&nbsp;&nbsp;rights issues</li><li>Be a part of an organization that is as committed to social responsibility as it is to technology and innovation</li></ul><div> <strong>You will bring…</strong><br> <br> <strong>Experience:</strong></div> <ul><li>Ability to create rapid, iterative, and low-fi prototypes</li><li>Knowledge of tools and concepts around human-centered design</li><li>Qualitative research skills in user discovery</li><li>Experience in user testing, story telling, and translating between business and technical jargon</li><li>Strong business acumen; ability to relate, understand, grasp concepts, and interpret client/user needs</li><li>Active participant in the UX community</li></ul><div> <strong>Bonus Skills:</strong></div> <ul><li>A good theoretical and practical grasp of interaction design issues, the continually evolving vocabulary of interaction and UI design,&nbsp; and an ability to explain this simply to others</li><li>Quantitative research experience</li><li>Has experience with UX in an agile development environment</li><li>Extensive business and client management skills</li></ul><p><br></p><p>Ref: *CI<br></p>ThoughtworksXi'anChina