16 Aug 2019

Estrategia Digital

Beacons and geofencing: real time enterprise asset tracking and self-service

Sathyan Sethumadhavan

6 Aug 2019

Servicios Financieros

Part 1: Understanding the implications of Open Banking on the financial services industry

Manu Iyer

2 Aug 2019

Experiencia de Usuario

Design and Ethics: How designers fulfill their responsibilities

Alexander Steinhart and Henning Fritzenwalder

31 Jul 2019

Arquitectura Evolutiva

The traits of serverless architecture

Wisen Tanasa

29 Jul 2019

Estrategia Digital

Procurement through Open Development Challenges

Erin Kyle

24 Jul 2019

Estrategia Digital

Legacy modernization: Change before you have to

Ashok Subramanian

5 Jul 2019


New approaches to risk management continued: Are you getting these five things wrong too?

Anthony O'Connell

1 Jul 2019

Estrategia Digital

Strategies for effective consortium engagement

Emily Margo and Prashant Gandhi

31 May 2019

Arquitectura Evolutiva

Four bad ways to use RPA

George Earle and Mike Mason

30 Jan 2019

Estrategia Digital

Using the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar to track governance

Neal Ford

23 Jan 2019

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Augmenting software development with artificial intelligence

Sharath Satish

11 Jan 2019

Arquitectura Evolutiva

Fitness function-driven development

Paula Paul and Rosemary Wang

2 Jan 2019

Estrategia Digital

Applying the Prime Directive beyond the retrospective

Anne Weise

23 Dec 2018

Gestión de Proyectos Agiles

Risk Management for Engineering Resilience

Anthony O'Connell

17 Dec 2018


The responsible organization

Laura Paterson

29 Oct 2018

Estrategia Digital

Celebrating 25 Years of courageous leadership

Reyne Quackenbush

27 Sep 2018

Estrategia Digital

Why products fail: five tips for product teams

Lauren Barrett and Linda Luu

1 Aug 2018


IoT: Smart Ecosystems are door openers for new business models

Bernd Günter

9 Jul 2018


Evolving ThoughtWorks’ internal IT to solve broader cross-cutting problems

Meaghan Waters

6 Jul 2018


Six agile habits of a leader

Vinod Sankaranarayanan

2 Jul 2018

Estrategia Digital

Unleashing the giants: digitizing automotive incumbents — Part Two

Dino Frese

15 May 2018

Estrategia Digital

Macro trends in the tech industry | May 2018

Mike Mason

8 May 2018

Estrategia Digital

Birth of the Technology Radar

Darren Smith