4 Feb 2019

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The irrefutable future of AI-guided digital businesses

Sudhir Tiwari

26 Dec 2018


Leading a living, breathing and agile enterprise

Sunil Mundra

17 Dec 2018


The responsible organization

Laura Paterson

20 Nov 2018


Three cultural principles for sustainable social change

Oli Gibson

12 Nov 2018


The technical mechanics of modernizing your tech estate

George Earle and Mike Mason

5 Nov 2018

Estrategia Digital

El imperativo empresarial para modernizar su estado tecnológico

George Earle and Mike Mason

2 Nov 2018


The seven tenets of new age business analysis

Namrita Bhat-Rao and Sneha Prabhu

29 Oct 2018


Celebrating 25 Years of courageous leadership

Reyne Quackenbush

10 Oct 2018

Experiencia de Usuario

Customer learning for product success

Jonny Schneider

8 Oct 2018


How modern IT is like TETRIS and how TOPS makes sense of everything

Dino Frese

27 Sep 2018

Estrategia Digital

Why products fail: five tips for product teams

Lauren Barrett and Linda Luu

17 Sep 2018


Frictionless and inclusive technology

Matthew Johnston

25 Jul 2018


5 Success Factors for Building Best-in-Class Digital Customer Experiences

Natalie Hollier

9 Jul 2018


Evolving ThoughtWorks’ internal IT to solve broader cross-cutting problems

Meaghan Waters

6 Jul 2018


Six agile habits of a leader

Vinod Sankaranarayanan

2 Jul 2018

Estrategia Digital

Unleashing the giants: digitizing automotive incumbents — Part Two

Dino Frese

11 Jun 2018

Servicios Financieros

Why open banking and where to begin

Isa Goksu and Kevin Telford

4 Jun 2018

Experiencia de Usuario

Narcissus vs. Echo: Beginning of the end for visual designers

Anirban Ghosh

29 May 2018


Is the Red Queen right about digital?

Seshadri Krishnan

10 May 2018

Servicios Financieros

Precision banking: ‘segment of one’

Muralikrishnan Puthanveedu

3 May 2018


Leader or laggard: How ready is your retail business?

Ruth Harrison

11 Apr 2018


Platform powered independence

Sameer Soman

2 Apr 2018


Six principles of fluid leadership

Jayesh Ghatge