24 Jun 2019

GenderFluid: The Solution

Dr J Harrison

19 Jun 2019

GenderFluid: The Problem

Dr J Harrison

1 Dec 2018

Day in the life of Charlotte Fereday

Charlotte Fereday

19 Apr 2018

Our thoughts on the House of Lords AI Select Committee report on AI

Dave Elliman and Mark Brand

22 Sep 2017

GDPR: Dude, where’s my data?

Dave Elliman

11 Aug 2017

GDPR: it’s time to rethink your approach to privacy

Dave Elliman

12 May 2016

Mujeres en el trabajo y la industria tecnológica

Jackie Kinsey

11 Apr 2016

12 Years, 12 Lessons at ThoughtWorks

Patrick Kua

23 Feb 2016

Performance Testing in a Nutshell

Srinivas Murty

26 Jan 2016

Three Common Mistakes of the First Time Tech Lead

Patrick Kua

20 Jan 2016

¿Cómo explorar tu carrera si eres una Mujer Líder en la Tecnología?

Laura Paterson

16 Jun 2015

5 Tips for Being an Effective Tech Lead

Patrick Kua

19 May 2015

The QA Role - What Is It Really?

Kenny Cruden

27 Apr 2015

Test Automation - Who Should be Involved?

Kenny Cruden

26 Jan 2015

The Year of the ‘Marginal Win’

Mark Collin

8 Sep 2014

What is the Ultimate Mobile Experience?

Rajeev Nair

29 Aug 2014

Disruption in Retail Banking

Mark Collin

11 Aug 2014

Delivery 2.0: Blurring the Lines Between Retail & Delivery

Mark Collin

11 Jul 2014

Big Data and the Internet of Things

Dave Elliman

27 Jun 2014

In Memory of Luke Barrett


26 May 2014

Herding Kittens: My Experience Running a Code Club for Kids

Stuart Curran

6 Jan 2014

Six Game-Changing Retail Technology Trends in 2014

Mark Collin

19 Sep 2013

Morrisons is Getting Fit for the Future

Mark Collin