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Strategies for effective consortium engagement

Emily Margo and Prashant Gandhi

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Digital reboot for traditional banking

Sandeep Reddy and Sudhir Tiwari

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Becoming a Platform-enabled Retailer

Daniel McMahon, Lloyd Shanks, Matt Harris and Natalie Drucker

2 Jul 2020

Surviving our COVID-19 Punctuated Equilibrium

Jim Highsmith

26 Jun 2020

Part 2: Business agility in tough times

Vikrant Kardam

26 Jun 2020

Part 1: Business agility in tough times

Vikrant Kardam

25 Jun 2020

Open Banking: Designing for trust in consumer consent

Danny Yates and Emma Kitchener

23 Jun 2020

The Product Canvas: A top down approach to product envisioning

Inger Dickson and Shaun Jayaraj

22 Jun 2020

The future of shopping

Hari R and Kuldeep Singh

2 Jun 2020

Digital banking is now for everyone, how will you choose to compete?

Ian Kelsall

1 Jun 2020

Five things all execs should know about technology (and why it matters more than ever)

Gary O'Brien and Mike Mason

27 May 2020

Making your mark in the next normal

AJ Iniguez

22 May 2020

[Stories of social change] Building a good news site during COVID-19

Fernando Fernandes

21 May 2020

COVID-19: Banks recalibrating for the future

Muralikrishnan Puthanveedu and Sandeep Reddy

14 May 2020

Banks confront new customer demands, and the question: When to create or collaborate?

Darren Mason and Ian Kelsall

14 May 2020

Risk-based pricing: Strategies for a new reality in banking

Vic Wolff

13 May 2020

Big Data applied in sales process

Mariane Ferroni

12 May 2020

It is cheaper to fix a mistake before you make it

Sara Michelazzo

6 May 2020

[Stories of social change] Protecting front-line workers during COVID-19 through technology

Armando Collazo

5 May 2020

Value from Volatility: How disruption can power the next phase of growth

Dani Huaman

4 May 2020

Transformation programs have stalled but the need to transform has never been greater

Gary O'Brien and Leigh Saffin

30 Apr 2020

Grape Growing: Applying product-thinking to digital platforms

Aaron Tushabe and Seve Kim

28 Apr 2020

Six areas for insurance companies to ramp up to beat a global crisis

Davnit Singh