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Infrastructure as code

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Our Infrastructure as Code online event allows technologists and experts interested in DevOps to listen and exchange with Infrastructure veterans such as Kief Morris, Moritz Heiber and Raquel Guimarães. Our Thoughtworks’ subject matter experts will explore best practices and thought-provoking learnings on the state of Infrastructure, testing and workflows for Infrastructure teams. 

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Infrastructure Code Projects Are Terrible

Kief Morris, Head of Cloud Engineering Practices, Thoughtworks UK

Your Dashboard sucks - and how to fix it

Moritz Heiber, DevOps Birth Assistant, Thoughtworks Germany

Third-Party Infrastructure as Code Guimarães

Raquel Guimarães, Senior Consultant, Thoughtworks Spain


4.00pm - Welcome


Your Dashboard sucks - and how to fix it – Moritz Heiber

Take a look at your desk. Now take a look at the wall. Now take a look at your hallway. If you're working in IT delivery or infrastructure chances are your eyes have at least met one dashboard, if not more, while your gaze was wondering.

How often do you actually look at said dashboard(s)? How much of the information it presents is tailored towards you? Is the dashboard actually helpful .. is it .. valuable .. to you?

The way the human mind captures, processes and interprets information is different for everyone, however, the results for our dashboards are supposed to be the same: an informed human at the helm of their digital garden of products. The way we design dashboards though is largely different, an information overload, cramming as much information into them "because we might need them some day" and not because we actually need them. Therefore, we forego the one advantage dashboards have over other traditional methods of information capture: Immediacy and relevancy. And that sucks. Let me introduce you to a couple of examples and a few ways out of the information jungle. For better, well-informed decision making at a moment's notice!


Third-Party Infrastructure as Code - Raquel Guimarães

While implementing cloud Infrastructure as Code you might have come across the problem of dealing with third-party resources. This is most common in complex environments where most of the resources live in a cloud provider (GCP or AWS for example) and there are some SaaS solutions to integrate with (Datadog and Pingdom for example). In this talk we will expose the problem and explain a solution that is currently being used by one of our key clients in Spain.


Infrastructure Code Projects Are Terrible - Kief Morris

Why is nearly every infrastructure project I've run across a big ball of mud? We're still in the early days of infrastructure as code tooling, so we're struggling with messy glue code, configuration files, and weird custom scripts and tools. What can you do on your project to cope with the current state of tooling? And what should we, as an industry, do to level up?


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