e4r™: Engineering for Research

The scientific community, today, is working amidst a rising data deluge, an increasing relevance of ‘complexity of systems’ and the fading of Moore’s Law. These trends form the background for the 14th Engineering Grand Challenge posed by the US National Academy of Engineering. This humanity-wide challenge calls for engineering tools suited to scientific discovery.

Thoughtworks Engineering for Research (e4r™) initiative is our response to this challenge. The initiative intends to nurture a long-term and in depth engagement with the scientific community. e4r™ is committed to advance research in the fields of radio and optical astronomy, genomics, molecular dynamics and urban sciences.

Our vision is to build a community with research organizations, and build tools for scientific exploration. This community will discover new frontiers in computer-science.

Our Working Hypotheses

We know ambitious big science projects face computational challenges greater than or on par with what popular internet giants face. We also know that advances in computer science and software engineering can significantly contribute to the progress of pure science.


Our work spans three horizons

H1 Business-as-usual (Known known)

H2 Known challenges (Known unknown)

H3 New frontiers (Unknown unknown)

e4r™ Thrust Areas of Research

Cyber Physical Systems

Develop software for the connected physical and digital world, involving control systems, IoT and robotics.

Data-intensive computing

Process voluminous data for actionable insights. This involves big data ecosystems, data mining, accelerated computing and high performance computing.

Digital libraries

Large-scale, long-term data management based on principles of physical libraries. This involves data governance, provenance, models, dissemination, archival and preservation.

Modeling and simulation

Virtually experiment with mathematical models that involve agent-based, systems dynamical, differential equations-based and hybrid models.

Lab informatics

Overarching governance of scientific organizations. This involves access control, resource management of funds, people, equipment, knowledge etc, scheduling, reporting and compliance.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Combine different schools of AI thinking which involves deep learning, machine learning, knowledge graphs, inductive reasoning, and Bayesian networks.

Who we work with

e4r™ in the News

Researchers develop model to predict properties of stars in seconds.

Indian engineers develop software for world’s largest telescope.

Ashoka University and Thoughtworks to build simulation model to track Covid 19 spread.

Our Research Publications

External Conference Talks

  1. A Compositional Lens on the Drivers of Complexity by Harshal Hayatnagarkar, Computational Scientist, Thoughtworks at International Conference on Complex Systems 2018    
  2. Modeling at Speed of Thoughts by Jayanta Khsirsagar, Thoughtworks at Conference on complex systems, NTU.
  3. Actor Based Architecture for World’s Largest Telescope by Saloni Vithalani & Unmesh Joshi, Thoughtworks at ReactiveSummit Conference, Montreal, 2018
  4. Service Discovery using CRDTs by Mushtaq Ahmed & Unmesh Joshi, Thoughtworks at ReactiveSummit Conference, Austin, 2017
  5. Automated Data Processing for uGMRT and MeerKAT Absorption Line Surveys by Dolly Gyanchandani & Ravi Sharma, Thoughtworks at H1 Absorption Conference, ASTRON, Netherlands
  6. Machine Learning for Scientific Discovery by Shraddha Surana, Thoughtworks at ADASS, Groningen, Netherlands, 2019

Thoughtworks e4r Symposium

Thoughtworks Engineering for Research Symposium is a yearly by-invitation-only forum to collaborate with academicians, scientists, and engineers in the field of scientific research, in their pursuits to understand and manage complex systems. Multidisciplinary speakers share their insights and vision on topics ranging from physical sciences like quantum mechanics & cosmology to physiology, ecology, economics, and engineering.

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Our Leaders

Gunjan Shukla

Gunjan Shukla

Lead, e4r™(Engineering for Research), Thoughtworks

Santosh Mahale

Santosh Mahale

Delivery Director, e4r™(Engineering for Research), Thoughtworks

Chhaya Yadav

Chhaya Yadav

Delivery Partner, e4r™(Engineering for Research), Thoughtworks

Harshal Hayatnagarkar

Harshal Hayatnagarkar

Computer Scientist, e4r™(Engineering for Research), Thoughtworks

Mushtaq Ahmed

Mushtaq Ahmed

Technology Principal, e4r™(Engineering for Research), Thoughtworks