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*In light of increasing concerns around COVID-19, we have decided to delay the Digital Transformation Game Plan executive lunches with author Gary O'Brien. We hope to run these events later in the year when things become more stable globally and look forward to having you join us then. We apologise for any inconvenience.

About the event

‘Digital Transformation’ has become a loaded and overused phrase, meaning different things to different people. Yet, the pressure to become digital, and do it fast, remains a genuine priority for organisations who want to connect with customers and deliver value. 


After working with hundreds of organisations around the world, Gary O’Brien, Guo Xiao and Mike Mason of Thoughtworks understand the challenges that business leaders face throughout the process of transformation and have distilled their experiences into their recently-published book Digital Transformation Game Plan.  


At this invite-only executive lunch, Gary O’Brien will facilitate a discussion on precisely what challenges leaders will face during a digital transformation and how you can: 

  • Re-define what delivering “value” means to customers, and meet heightened customer expectations
  • Mobilise tech at the core of your business to withstand and adapt to constant change
  • Create a culture of rapid responsiveness and become a new kind of leader
  • Utilise the concept of digital fluency to understand your current digital capabilities and the required investments to reach your desired digital potential


12:00PMArrival and registration
12:30PMLunch & group discussion
2:00PMNetworking (coffee and dessert)


Gary O'Brien

Digital Fluency Principal, Thoughtworks

Gary is a Principal Consultant with Thoughtworks, joining in 2010 in Australia. A Business Technology Leader with over 25 years’ experience, Gary partners with clients as a trusted advisor to help bridge the connection between technology led business transformation and customer value delivery. In his 9 years at Thoughtworks he has worked within both business leadership teams and IT leadership teams, building up a unique perspective on what may block sustainable change and how to clear the path.

About the book

There's been a rush for organisations to change which invariably leads to failed business transformations. But it needn't be that way. In this video, co-author Gary O'Brien explains how the book provides an authentic look at the difficult things companies need to face in order for leaders to move their companies successfully along the path towards digital transformation.