Digital Readiness:
Leading the new normal
During this time of heightened uncertainty, digital readiness has enabled enterprises to make the right choices, and the right changes, at the right time, as well as using technology effectively to seize new opportunities for value-creation. 

We’ve seen that those organizations able to adapt have survived the disruption of the pandemic, while those who are ill-equipped to do things differently have fallen by the wayside. Given that COVID-19 won’t be the last major disruption that leaders must navigate as we move into the new normal, it’s time to ask yourself:

Are you digitally-ready?

In this virtual series, we will address topics such as:

How to overcome the unique challenges that executives face in the era of digital
The organizational capabilities required to successfully navigate the changing digital landscape and achieve your business goals

The traits of successful digital leaders, and practical approaches to building these characteristics within your own organization

Virtual Keynote | Digital Enough: What you need to build a digital-ready culture

While technology discussions remain a key focus for digital transformation strategy, it has become increasingly clear that building a digital-ready culture is equally important for reaching your transformation goals. Investing in digital technologies provides the possibility for change, but your digital future depends on having the right mindset to fully leverage this potential.

In this exclusive talk, George Westerman, Principal Research Scientist at MIT, explores why leaders must embrace a ‘digital enough’ culture and the four key values required to successfully future-proof your organization.

You will discover:

• Why digital transformation is a people problem, not just a technology problem

• The four key values that must be embraced for successful transformation

• The practices that your organization can adopt today to build a digital-ready culture for the future

Wednesday, Nov. 18

12pm Melbourne | 6:30am Bangalore | 8am Jakarta | 9am Singapore

Thursday, Nov. 19

10am Chicago | 11am New York | 12pm São Paulo | 4pm London | 5pm Berlin


George Westerman

George Westerman

Principal Research Scientist, MIT

Dr. George Westerman works at the dynamic intersection of executive leadership and technology strategy. During more than 17 years with MIT Sloan School of Management, he has written three award-winning books, and published papers in Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and other top journals. 

Westerman is co-chair of the MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Awards, a member of the Digital Strategy Roundtable for the US Library of Congress, and faculty director for two executive courses at MIT Sloan. He works frequently with senior management teams and industry groups around the world. Prior to earning a Doctorate from Harvard Business School, he gained more than 13 years of experience in product development and technology leadership roles.

Tania Salarvand

Tania Salarvand (host)

Managing Director, NA East Market, ThoughtWorks

Tania is an experienced business executive with over 20 years experience with B2B consultancies helping organizations drive growth and deliver business outcomes with technology at the core. Driven by a passion in customer experience and a background in building go to market strategies for new services and offerings, she’s consistently focused on customer needs and wants. Thinking, planning, and delivering 2 steps ahead of a customer’s ask is what she considers success.

In addition to her primary roles, Tania is proud of her work and support in Women in Leadership and mentoring up and coming leaders. Her educational background includes a B.A. from the University of Virginia in Economics and Quantitative Finance and an M.S. from Johns Hopkins University in Management Information Systems. She is also an avid public speaker on the topics of customer experience and behaviors, innovation, and storytelling.

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