Data & Artificial Intelligence

Leading organisations understand the value of data used to deliver exceptional customer experiences, enable new business, and optimise operations.

We help engineer your data future, through building the next generation of data-driven products, platforms and culture that allow you to unlock new sources of value. We combine applied machine learning solutions with human-centred thinking and our heritage of software engineering excellence to embed lasting differentiated capabilities in your organisation.

Continuous Intelligence

Starting from Data & AI Strategy, we can help you build data-driven products and services with Applied Machine Learning, improve your capability to work with data with Data Engineering and Enablement, and develop modern enterprise-scale data practices with Data Mesh and Governance.

Data & AI Strategy

Build data & AI literacy into your organisation’s strategy and everyday processes, and connect advanced analytics research and prototyping to business outcomes. We guide you through a structured process for discovering opportunities, identifying enablers, and planning to execute in a way that works for you.

Applied Machine Learning

Combining Machine Learning (ML) and product thinking, we help organisations build data-driven products and services. We focus on end-to-end value creation for customers, team members and partners. We employ Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning (CD4ML) to support operations and governance of solutions.

Data Engineering & Enablement

Quickly aligning on real business scenarios and your capability enablement needs, we deliver transformative data technology with software engineering rigour. We work with modern data technologies to find the right strategic fit and ensure data supports the end-to-end needs of your digital business.

Data Mesh & Governance

Data Mesh is a uniquely Thoughtworks approach to transformation that enables organisations to unlock the potential of data. With a heritage of modern software engineering practices and a product mindset, Data Mesh adopts a distributed approach to solution architecture and provides a technology framework to effectively distribute data governance.

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Recommended viewing

Continuous Intelligence in Action

Dr. Gerald Hartig, Principal Data Scientist, Arkose Labs

Solving multimillion-dollar online fraud problems for major global businesses across multiple industries is what Arkose Labs, a leading online fraud and abuse prevention organisation specialises in. In this talk, Dr Hartig discusses the ways Arkose Labs approaches Continuous Intelligence to protect some of the world's largest web properties.

Connected Intelligence

Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies, Thoughtworks, North America

Investment in data is at an all-time high but organisations have yet to see a significant return on those investments. So, what's holding them back? Zhamak will propose a paradigm shift in our thinking when it comes to data platforms and strategies, sharing the root causes of failures to date.

The Business of Delivering Location

Jo Abhayaratna, Chief Technical Officer, PSMA

PSMA Australia, a government-owned, but independent and self-funded company is changing the business of location data. Hear from Jo, as he explores the foundations of data-as-a-service, and how to ensure the right insights are available in the right place, at the right time and in the right format to meet customers’ needs.

XConf Keynote: Data Mesh

Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies, Thoughtworks, North America

An introduction to data mesh and the motivations behind it - the failure modes of past paradigms of big data management. Zhamak will compare and contrast data mesh to existing big data management approaches, and introduce the technical components underpinning the architecture.

Data Mesh Paradigm Shift: Fostering Growth and Data Innovation

Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies & Mujiruddin Shaikh, Market Tech Principal, Thoughtworks

In this fireside chat, Thoughtworkers, Zhamak Dehghani and Mujiruddin Shaikh introduces you to Data Mesh. And, propose a much needed shift in how you develop your data platforms and strategies. A shift that can alleviate you of your platform failures to date.

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