A commitment to growing e-commerce in Turkey

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Having been around for 12 years, our legacy systems needed replatforming and overhauling. ThoughtWorks enabled us to improve not only our engineering practices but development practices. They helped us learn to embrace Agile so we’re ready for the future.
Emre Ekmekçi, President, Business Development, Hepsiburada

With a name that means “It’s all here!,” Hepsiburada leads online shopping in Turkey with 7 million customers and growing., founded in 1998, is Turkey's leader in multi-category e-commerce with a selection of more than 500,000 SKUs. Thriving through customer centric focus and dedication in service quality, and services such as same-day delivery, Hepsiburada is striving to continue their massive e-commerce growth.

Pioneering the online retail sector in Turkey, focusing on the largest product selection available and user experience, Hepsiburada is also the country's only online retailer with the infrastructure to store credit card data, allowing customers to make swift purchases online using express check-out functionality.

As the market leader in online retail and the most visited online site in the country, with over 1.5 million unique customers a year and more than 14 million unique monthly visitors, Hepsiburada makes up for nearly a third of Turkey’s total online population.

“There is surge of investment coming in to Turkey as internet savvy consumers start to shop in different ways, working with Hepsiburada as our first major client in the market was a great learning experience. We ended up with a new business too, ThoughtWorks Turkey is a testament to our own investment in the market but our long term relationship with Turkeys premier online retail business” commented Mark Collin - Head of Retail Europe.

Over the last decade, Hepsiburada has increased convergence by 2.5 times, and opened a new channel of revenue by introducing the mobile web page. Through this they maintained profitability and sustained the increase of organic traffic, which is a rare feat in the e-commerce space.

In order to sustain revenue growth, maintain profitability and continue to drive organic traffic, Hepsiburada needed help in re-platforming their online presence with a slicker, faster, and responsive Storefront website. ThoughtWorks, as Hepsiburada’s expert partner, helped in implementing agile practices throughout the organisation and bring their new desktop site into fruition. In parallel, the team also expanded Hepsiburada’s mobile site. Using .NET technologies the team built a site and user experience Hepsiburada customers and vendors needed.

Hepsiburada recognized that to continue growing in this space – they needed to develop their website to encourage the engagement of unique users and repeat visits. They wanted a website that was robust, slicker, faster and responsive, a place where both local and global consumers would seek out. 

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