Grameen foundation

Grameen foundation

MOTECH means innovative access to healthcare advice, treatment reminders, medical training and more, with inexpensive mobile phones

Grameen Foundation’s mission is to help the world’s poorest people reach their full potential. One of the ways in which Grameen pursues this goal is to develop tools to improve the effectiveness of poverty-focused organisations. 

Health services are difficult to deliver in sparsely populated or impoverished areas, and strict adherence to medical regimens can be very challenging for individuals who live on the margin of survival. Yet many diseases and deaths in the developing world can be avoided with simple preventive care or timely treatment with available medicines. Grameen Foundation created the MOTECH mobile health application suite in a project to help Ghana Health Services improve mother and child health, and reduce infant mortality in that country. 

ThoughtWorks was a part of that, and the success in Ghana led to further development of MOTECH into a platform for others to use, with our continued support. 

MOTECH is now a free, Open Source, integrated mobile health application platform. 

It integrates mobile communications services (including voice, SMS and IVR capabilities) with applications for nearly every part of the healthcare delivery eco-system (including the OpenMRS medical records system, rules engine for alerts, schedule of care module, and more). 

MOTECH’s integration and comprehensive feature set encourage creation of innovative and sustainable healthcare applications. They are developed faster and at lower cost because much functionality and infrastructure are already in place.

ThoughtWorks has been involved since the launch of MOTECH in Ghana. We continue to be involved, providing project leadership, business analysis and mobile software expertise to many organisations implementing MOTECH. Among the organisations being helped by MOTECH already are:

  • Ghana Health Service (GHS) – Mother and Child care
  • World Health Partners – TB treatment in Bihar, India 
  • BBC Media Action – Community Health Worker training and assistance in Bihar, India 
  • World Vision – Services for orphans and vulnerable children in Zambia