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DEI Lead (SIP)

Beijing, China

DEI lead Thoughtworks China

Work with SC head to drive the DEI strategy, aligning to global goals and initiatives, including our global goal of 40% Women and Underrepresented Gender Minorities (WUGM).  They are driven and passionate about DEI and work to ensure that DEI is well integrated into all aspects of the business. They are both a strategic leader and manage execution of programs and initiatives, as well as track and report on progress towards DEI goals. As part of the global DEI community and leader you will also help drive TW global DEI vision and strategy forward.
  • Deep understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion and demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and development.
  • Demonstrated ability to facilitate constructive dialogue and ability to have sensitive conversations.
    • Is able to successfully engage Thoughtworkers to create a vision for how DEI can be realized within the region.
    • Has the ability to navigate complexity and facilitate constructive dialogue among colleagues.
    • Is able to partner with other stakeholders and functional heads in integrating DEI in all aspects of TW.
    • Ability to create strategic plans and manage to outcomes
  • Reports to MD/regional leadership key stakeholder for DEI  and Global Head of DEI
  • Work closely with China DEI council to ensure the integration of DEI into the business of daily operation.
  • Should establish affinity groups/ERGS led by the communities specifically for whom we are creating the same.
Build our Brand
  • Define regional DEI messaging and ensure alignment to Tw’s global brand
  • Identify opportunities to connect with external communities around DEI, including events and conferences, and provide thought leadership.
  • Provide insights to the employer brand team to DEI specific goals and vision to ensure alignment.
Find and Nurture Diverse Talent
  • Partner with the recruiting team/head of recruiting in your region to identify new ways to attract diverse talent to Thoughtworks. This includes a focused effort to invest, assess opportunities and improve processes to meet TW DEI goals (40% WUGM in Tech by 2022 and additional regional under-represented group goals)
  • Support outreach to and engagement with diverse communities, with a focus on innovating with virtual events and connection opportunities.
Drive Retention Efforts through Policy, Advancement & Opportunities
  • Partner with the people team to develop policies and inclusion strategies that help Thoughtworkers thrive.
  • Support the development of leadership programs that serve diverse Thoughtworkers.
  • Keep an eye on DEI metrics for your region and present it to the leadership team to ensure right efforts and investments are being made.
  • Be accountable for driving the outcomes and priorities from the global DEI & Engagement survey with Peakon.
Enable Inclusion & Belonging
  • Work closely with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to develop programmes to engage Thoughtworkers.
  • Support cross-functional leaders with practices and tools that ensure Thoughtworkers feel included, engaged and supported.
  • Be plugged into global DEI affinity groups and conversations, provide regional context and guidance.
  • Be engaged and actively support global ERG’s.
Supporting global  DEI initiatives and other regions.
  • As a regional DEI lead, you will also support global DEI initiatives and help support and collaborate in setting up global ERG’s/Affinity groups and communities.
  • Be able to support other DEI regional heads in driving DEI initiatives and programs in their regions as SME’s/collaborators.
  • Be a voice for global DEI communications and imperatives to your regional leadership teams.
Partnering with Social Change
  • Works collaboratively with the Head of Social Change to ensure partnership and alignment on shared areas of focus.
We expect Leaders at Thoughtworks to embody these traits -
  • Live our Purpose & Values: Be a role model of our cultural values, protecting our uniqueness while helping TW evolve.
  • Think Big; Think Beyond: Think about the “big picture” developing courageous long-term plans to achieve the desired outcomes while linking daily work to long-term vision.
  • Take Risks: Take pragmatic risks to help us innovate, learning as much from failure as from success.  Balance logic, experience & experimentation to test hypotheses and prototypes.
  • Listen, then Speak: Engage others by listening, being curious, and communicating clearly and openly. Influence rather than instruct, using authenticity rather than authority to build an inspirational environment to allow your team to thrive.
  • Enable Autonomous Teams: Create an environment of trust that enables teams to work effectively and collaborates within their team and with others. Foster global relationships, have a strong sense of inclusivity, and a global first mentality, making it possible for everyone to achieve their goals.
  • Get Results: Drive towards impactful business outcomes, setting clear expectations  and providing space for creativity. Achieve results through leveraged leadership. Inspire and recognize teams to achieve sustained, tangible progress, & impactful objectives, while holding both yourself & others accountable.
  • Cultivate others & Yourself: Take pride and care in intentionally growing every member of your teams through feedback and a personalised approach to cultivation, creating a feeling of safety, encouragement and celebration. Be aware of your own growth opportunities, and commit to your personal development. (see specific responsibilities in the Cultivate Talent section above.)
  • Proactively seek Advice  for Growth: In order to be more intentional about providing support to the community
Other requirements:
  • At least 2 years working experience
  • Fluent in both English and Chinese 


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