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Go Team

Go Team

Product Team
With its roots in Beijing and San Francisco, Go development is now based out of Bangalore, India with a team of about 12. The team includes BA, UI/UX, QA and developers. Each team member has spent most of her career on teams that value CI, failing fast, automated testing, and automated deployment. Thoughtworks was on the vanguard of CI tooling in the late 90s, and this team is proud to continue that tradition on the CD front.
Our team is passionate about Go and uses it for our product development. (And in extremely interesting ways -- ask us about how we do personal builds or how we use Go to test and deploy Go!). We write about our product, how we build it and the philosophies behind it in our team blogs.  We would love to strike up a conversation with YOU - give us feedbacksend us feature requestsemail ustweet with us.
And, of course, if you are in Bangalore, we are always looking to add top talent!