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Breaking the monolith: A CIO’s guide to avoiding legacy IT
Breaking the monolith: A CIO’s guide to avoiding legacy IT

Breaking the monolith: A CIO’s guide to avoiding legacy IT

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CIOs of 2021 are at the cusp of a digital-first revolution. While their age-old legacy systems have got them this far, these systems need to evolve and adapt to leverage modern technologies such as cloud computing and AI. 


Modernizing legacy IT to carefully blend new technologies needs a deeper understanding of its root causes and a grasp on future-ready strategies. Download our latest guide to learn how you can maximize value from your tech investments. This ebook covers:


  • How to enable change at an enterprise level
  • How ‘legacy infrastructure’ is born
  • The impact of insufficient care and maintenance

About the Author

Isa Goksu Director of Technology - Financial Services, UK

Isa is the head of technology for Financial Services practice at Thoughtworks UK. He is a banking and finance domain expert, and a passionate technologist with over 20 years of consulting experience. He has spearheaded several challenging digital transformation initiatives while managing globally distributed delivery teams. He is an expert at agile engineering practices and has a technology-agnostic approach to solving enterprise-wide change problems. He has developed AI-based market-making algorithms for trading and is passionate about machine learning and distributed systems.


He has led major technology transformations while working alongside CIOs at many large UK, European and North American Financial Services clients. He was instrumental in building the core trading engine at one of the world's largest stock exchange.


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