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Senior Project Manager项目经理(华东业务线)

Shanghai, China

Job Responsibility

  • Manage and deliver development project from beginning to end, including creating solution proposal before iteration stage;
  • Define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders;
  • Identify and manage risks through project either internally and externally;
  • Identify and manage project dependencies and critical path;
  • Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals;
  • Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion;
  • Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work;

Job Requirement

  • 5+ years’ working experience in the field of software development;
  • 3+ years’ experience in IT project management or delivery including scheduling, coordination, control, and project/process documentation;
  • 3+ years’ experience and knowledge of web application development;
  • Experience of local project delivery from beginning to end;
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken;
  • Experience or knowledge for Agile project delivery.

1 不断提升交付效能,带领敏捷团队完成软件交付项目
2 关注客户价值,以持续改进的方式,推进项目进度、建立良好的客户沟通、打造客户关系网络
3 关注团队实践提升和人员能力成长,打造交付卓越助力客户成功的优质团队

1 有软件开发、测试或业务分析师的背景,能不断突破职责边界达成目标
2 有责任心和使命感,热爱团队管理工作,有服务团队、承担部分团队管理职责的经验
3 有很强的目标感和执行力,有组织团队完成某项工作的经验
4 不惧沟通,有通过复杂沟通、协调跨部门工作推进工作的经验
5 好奇心强,热爱学习,且灵活机动,愿意尝试全新事物,希望自我提升和突破
6 了解敏捷开发和敏捷交付的优先。
7 英语口语流利优先

#LI-CHINA</p >


#LI-CHINA</p >

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