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Senior Project Manager(欧洲业务线):2021

Xi'an, China

For every successful team, there's a Project Manager: the organizational and operational whiz who ensures that everyone has what they need to deliver on time. Project Managers are able to simultaneously work backwards and forwards, creating release plans, building delivery roadmaps and establishing the inclusive dynamics that a team needs to succeed. In addition to impacting Thoughtworkers, Project Managers also extend their collaborative mindset to the client, making sure that T's are crossed and I's are dotted to keep the road to delivery clear.

Job responsibilities

  • You will coordinate all project workstreams and encourage all team members to participate in decision making 
  • You will support and inspire incredibly talented delivery teams while discussing problems, risks, results and progress of the project
  • You will create and oversee release plans for iterative and incremental delivery of value and be accountable for iteration planning, tracking, reporting, delivery scope, prioritization, estimates, risks, and financials for the client engagement
  • You will bring innovative and fresh ideas to project management, pushing the boundaries of how project managers can deliver exceptional business value
  • Orchestrate the design and building of critical and complex custom-designed, multi-tier, business applications that use a wide range of the very latest technologies
  • Establish a delivery roadmap and plans that support the client's business strategies and objectives
  • Facilitate a group of intelligent, talented, and opinionated professionals who work together as a team and ensure a healthy project environment for people, boosting team performance
  • Establish an effective relationship with the client, including mediating disagreements in order to maintain the health and productivity for everyone involved
  • Develop your career outside of the confinements of a traditional career path by focusing on what you are passionate about rather than a predetermined one-size-fits-all plan
  • Ensure that the ThoughtWorks team delivers what the customer is expecting and be a coach and provide feedback, directing the development of each team member

Job qualifications

  • You have ample experience managing enterprise projects with end-to-end responsibility of project delivery
  • You’re comfortable with release planning, estimation, capacity planning, proposal building and managing project financials
  • An understanding of various software development approaches (traditional, agile and etc) and have the ability to consult clients on the best approaches applicable to their scenarios
  • You like the idea of a flat hierarchy and enjoy facilitating and organizing sessions to promote collaboration
  • You’re resilient in ambiguous situations and can adapt your role in order to approach challenges from multiple perspectives. You don’t shy away from risks, instead you take them on and skillfully manage them
  • You are eager to coach, mentor and motivate others and you aspire to influence teammates to take positive action and accountability for their work
  • Cultivating strong partnerships comes naturally to you: you understand the importance of relationship building and how it can bring new opportunities to our business

Other things to know


There is no one-size-fits-all career path at Thoughtworks: however you want to develop your career is entirely up to you. But we also balance autonomy with the strength of our cultivation culture. This means your career is supported by interactive tools, numerous development programs and teammates who want to help you grow. We see value in helping each other be our best and that extends to empowering our employees in their career journeys.

Job Details

Country: China
City: Xi'an
Date Posted: 05-20-2022
Industry: Information Technology
Employment Type: Regular

About Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks is a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation. For 28+ years, our clients have trusted our autonomous teams to build solutions that look past the obvious. Here, computer science grads come together with seasoned technologists, self-taught developers, midlife career changers and more to learn from and challenge each other. Career journeys flourish with the strength of our cultivation culture, which has won numerous awards around the world.

Join Thoughtworks and thrive. Together, our extra curiosity, innovation, passion and dedication overcomes ordinary.




  • 在讨论项目的问题,风险,结果和进度时,您将支持并激发交付团队的才华
  • 您将创建和监督用于迭代和增量交付价值的发布计划,并负责迭代计划,跟踪,报告,交付范围,优先级,估算,风险和与客户互动的财务状况
  • 您将为项目管理带来创新和新鲜的想法,突破项目经理如何提供卓越业务价值的界限
  • 协调设计和构建关键和复杂的定制设计的多层业务应用程序,这些应用程序使用各种最新技术
  • 建立交付路线图和计划以支持客户的业务战略和目标
  • 促进一群聪明,有才华,有见识的专业人员一起团队合作,确保为人们提供健康的项目环境,从而提高团队绩效
  • 与客户建立有效的关系,包括调解分歧,以维护每个参与者的健康和生产力
  • 确保Thoughtworks团队能够交付客户期望的东西并成为教练并提供反馈,指导每个团队成员的发展



  • 您具有丰富的管理企业项目的经验,负有项目交付的端到端责任
  • 您很熟悉发布计划,估算,容量计划,建议构建和项目财务管理
  • 了解各种软件开发方法(传统,敏捷等),并能够就适用于其方案的最佳方法向客户进行咨询


  • 您喜欢统一层次结构的想法,并喜欢主持和组织会议以促进协作
  • 您在模棱两可的情况下具有韧性,可以适应各种角色,以从多个角度应对挑战,您不会回避风险,而是要承担风险并熟练管理风险
  • 您渴望指导,指导和激励他人,并渴望影响队友对他们的工作采取积极的行动并承担责任
  • 您善于建立牢固的伙伴关系您了解建立关系的重要性以及它如何为我们的业务带来新的机会



在 Thoughtworks 没有一刀切的职业道路您的职业发展完全取决于您个人。同时我们也会平衡自主权与我们的文化。您的职业生涯也会有互动工具、众多发展计划和愿意帮助您成长的同事的支持。我们认为互相帮助是我们最好的价值,这是我们的员工职业生涯中赋予他们权力。


Thoughtworks 是一家集战略、设计和工程推动数字创新为一体的全球技术咨询公司。 28 多年来,我们团队提供的卓有成效的解决方案赢得了客户的持续信任。在这里有计算机科学专业的毕业生,也有经验丰富的技术人员,有自学成才的开发人员、也有中途加入的人员,大家共同学习、面临挑战。大家的职业生涯因为加入我们而得到了更好发展,我们也因此在世界各地获得了无数奖项。

加入 Thoughtworks ,持续成长。让我们一起用好奇心、创新、热情和奉献精神超越平凡。

Thanks for your interest in joining Thoughtworks. A member of our Recruiting team will review your application as soon as possible. 


In the meantime, check out our Consultant Life page to learn more about the extraordinary impact Thoughtworkers make on clients, the tech industry and each other. 


Please note that we value privacy: all information submitted to us via your online application will be kept confidential to Thoughtworks. 

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